Android Phone Calendar Not Showing All Calendars & Events

Your Android phone can show calendars from your Google account’s Google Calendar. You may have multiple individual calendars setup within your Google Calendar account. It may suddenly be the case that some calendars are no longer showing events on your Android phone.

Restore Missing Calendars And Events On Your Android Phone

In Google Calendar, under My Calendars, you can select which calendars from your Google account that you want to display on your Android phone. It may be the case that you have selected a calendar to be displayed, but the calendar’s events do not show up on your Android phone’s calendar. If refreshing your Android phone’s calendars or restarting your Android phone do not fix the problem, then try this solution:

  1. Make sure your online Google Calendar events and calendars are up to date, as the following steps will first erase the data from your phone, then restore it.
  2. Go to your phone’s menu to view all installed applications: Settings > Applications > Manage Applications.
  3. While on the Manage Applications screen, go to the menu and filter for running applications only: Filter > Running.
  4. Select “Calendar Storage”.
  5. Select “Clear cache”, “Clear data”, and “Force stop”.
  6. Restart your phone.
  7. Connect your phone to the Internet and allow your Google Calendar to refresh and reload all of your account’s calendars.
  8. Check your phone’s calendar under “My Calendars” to see that the desired calendars are selected to be displayed.

Your Android phone’s calendar events should now be displayed properly.

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  1. Davey

    This didn’t help with my phone, but I found that if I removed a few apps to gain more RAM (my HTC Wildfire only has 512 MB of RAM), then the Calendar>Menu>More>refresh worked correctly and all is OK now.

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  3. Larry L

    I tried the trick of clearing my calendar storage and then resyncing. My android calendar then showed nothing except a message that no calendars are synchronized. Doing a manual synchronization didn’t help because it would never finish. What finaly worked is that I:
    1) exported my online google calendar to my desktop. (That creates a zip file containing a folder containing the actual calendar.)
    2) deleted all events from my online calendar
    3) imported my calendar that I saved in Step 1 (Be sure to select the actual calendar file [extension .ics], and not the zip file or the folder.)
    4) Did a manual sync of the calendar on my android.
    All my calendar appointments and events showed up again!

  4. K C Quek

    andriod 2.3 only keep prev 7weeks of the calender record on phone, it will auto delete daily. here is the way to stop the auto delete.
    (go to the last day of the calender that is 7week ago n key in one of the event same time same day same evnt save under MY CALENDER, show on ur calender light blue for my calender n dark blue under gmail in the same box. ur auto delete will stop from the day onward

  5. Bob Buckley

    After trying several times to update my calendar right away, I gave up after nothing showed. After about two weeks I tried synching the calendar again and everything is there.

  6. Tony

    This just failed badly for me.

    After clearing phone (Galaxy S) calendar data and re-starting the phone, the re-sync cleared all my events in google calendar. Now both phone and google calendar have nothing.

    1. (This reply is a bit lengthy.)

      If using the “clear cache” and “clear data” commands from step 5 above, then those won’t act to delete events from either your phone or online calendar, while they clear your phone cache/data. Clearing your phone’s copy of your calendars (cache/data) wouldn’t affect your online copy in Google Calendar.

      The source for this method is from the Google Mobile Help Forum link from above. Hopefully some comments from that link can give you some more ideas on a solution for your situation.

      I understand and don’t dispute that your result was different and sorry to hear that, but for me personally and for other posters in the Google Forum link, this method worked and did not delete any events from the online Google Calendar (no events were deleted from online calendars, even if the method wasn’t a full solution for some posters).

      With so many versions of Android and different phones, some solutions may possibly work in some versions, but not in others.

      For other readers, to be extra safe, you can first make a backup of your online Google Calendar by going to Google Calendar > Calendar Settings > Export Calendars. But again, your online Google Calendar events should not be touched by the steps in this method, since only your phone’s copy of calendars is cleared from memory, and is not deleted from your online account.

      1. Tony

        Thanks. After a while all the events returned to both the phone and google calendar. So I guess the method worked, just had a worrying hour when it looked like they’d all been lost.


  7. Bob Buckley

    I just cleared my data from my Samsung Moment following these directions. Now nothing shows up on my phone’s calendar, even though everything is still on my Google Calendar online. Prior to this, some things stopped showing up on my phone’s calendar within the last week or so. I can’t remeber for sure, but I think it was events that I entered at Google and then synched with my phone. All my settings are still the same. I read online that people have been having this issue because of something Google changed. Any more suggestions? FYI, I’m still running Android 1.5.

    1. I’m not sure if this issue is because of something Google changed. I don’t really have any new suggestions at the moment, but I’ll just expand a bit on what I found were key details, hope it can help.

      I would just say that for me, after step 5, it was important to avoid accessing the calendar before doing step 6. When I did step 5, but checked the calendar right away before turning off, it would not get my calendar events. Then, I just re-cleared all the data, and restarted, then it worked.

      Also, your calendar may need some time to refresh itself and get your calendar events. It may depend on which calendar app you’re using. I found the default phone calendar app on my phone didn’t refresh that quickly.

      Again, hope this helps.

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