Carbonite Online Backup – New Plans and Features

Earlier this month, Carbonite announced new online backup plans and features, for home and home office customers. Along with the original Carbonite Home plan, Carbonite now offers unlimited online backup in its Carbonite HomePlus and Carbonite HomePremier plans.

The new Carbonite features are: online backups for external hard drives, a local mirror image of your computer, and a courier recovery option to have your backup files sent to your home.

Features and prices follow for the three subscription plans available to Carbonite home users.

Comparison: Carbonite Home vs HomePlus vs HomePremier

The following table compares the costs and features of Carbonite Home, Carbonite HomePlus, and Carbonite HomePremier.

Online Backup Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Computers Included 1 Computer 1 Computer 1 Computer
Annual Price $59 $99 $149
Monthly Avg Price $4.91/month $8.25/month $12.41/month
Automatic Backup
Secure Backup
(with SSL)
Restore Lost Files
Access Files From Any Computer
Access Files From iPhone, Android, or Blackberry
External Hard Drive Backup1
Mirror Image1
Courier Recovery1
For Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
For Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, or 10.7
Learn More Learn More Learn More

1These features are currently only available for PC subscriptions. Future Mac support is planned.

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External Hard Drive Backup – New Carbonite Feature

The new Carbonite plans allow for online backup of the data stored on an external hard drive:

External hard drive backup: HomePlus and HomePremier plans include external hard drive backup, the feature we saw most requested by customers. Now, users can also add files and folders saved on an external drive to their online backup.

The external hard drive backup option is available with Carbonite HomePlus and Carbonite HomePremier.

Mirror Image – New Carbonite Feature

Carbonite can now store a Mirror Image of your computer’s hard drive, on your external hard drive, for fast system recovery:

Mirror Image: HomePlus and HomePremier users will have an extra layer of protection with a local copy of their computer’s hard drive. With Mirror Image, you now have the ability to back up the operating system and software programs to an external hard drive. Now, if your hard drive crashes, Mirror Image can be used to quickly restore your entire disk (including the Windows operating system, all applications and settings) in just a few hours.

The Mirror Image option is available with Carbonite HomePlus and Carbonite HomePremier.

Courier Recovery – New Carbonite Feature

The Courier Recovery option can be used to restore a larger system backups, especially when neither an internet connection or an external hard drive are available:

Courier Recovery: The HomePremier plan also comes with the option to have a backup recovery drive shipped right to your door. For users with large backups, the Courier Recovery option may be the fastest way to get files back if you ever need to recover all your data or don’t have Internet connectivity to perform a standard recovery.

The Courier Recovery option is available only with Carbonite HomePremier.

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