Dropbox Free: Get Over 2 GB Free Extra Storage Space

Participate in Dropquest 2011 and get up to 1 GB of free extra storage space for your Dropbox account. Complete other tasks within your Dropbox account on Dropbox’s website to get even more free extra space, adding over 1 GB more to your Dropbox account, for a total of over 2 GB of free bonus Dropbox storage space.

Dropbox free accounts already come with 2 GB of free file storage space for file sync, backup, and sharing. Access updated versions of your Dropbox files either by using Dropbox’s desktop application, Dropbox’s mobile application (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry), or by logging into Dropbox’s website from any web browser from any computer or mobile device.

Details follow on how to get a total of over 2 GB of free extra storage space for your Dropbox account.

Dropbox: Get 250 MB Free Extra Storage Space

First, create a new Dropbox account if you don’t already have one. Use this link to get the standard free 2 GB Dropbox account, plus an additional free 500 MB of Dropbox storage space.

(Note: You must use the above link to sign up for a new account and also install the Dropbox desktop application to your computer, in order to get the 250 MB bonus from Dropbox.)

Dropbox’s Dropquest 2011: Free 1 GB Bonus Space

Until January 29, 2011, participate in Dropbox’s Dropquest 2011 and get up to 1 GB in free extra space for your Dropbox account.

Dropquest is an online scavenger hunt, where completing individual steps in Dropquest will instantly reward you with varying amounts of free Dropbox storage space, adding up to a total of 1 GB. Please note that you DO NOT need to fully complete all steps of Dropquest to receive storage space, but if you do fully complete Dropquest then you will receive the maximum 1 GB amount of free Dropbox space.

The full details and some basic hints for Dropquest are available here:

Dropquest is a multi-step scavenger hunt that will test your wits and knowledge. Expect to hop around the Dropbox site and the internet to find answers to easy and not-so-easy puzzles.

Completion: 1 GB for life


Step1: N/A
Step2: Use a calculator 😛
Step3: The answer is not something you post. It’s something you find. It’s also on the front page of the forums!
Step4: You won’t be using any math here.
Step5: N/A
Step6: N/A
Step7: http://www.wolframalpha.com/
Step8: If it’s challenging, just start from the beginning.
Step9: Something’s hiding behind Rajiv.
Step10: N/A
Step11: If your homepage isn’t set to http://www.dropbox.com …, why not? 😛
Step12: N/A
Step13: This answer is also on the forums.
Step14: N/A
Step15: What kind of Asian cuisines are out there?
Step16: N/A
Step17: Using thesaurus.com is all based off ‘witch’ synonym you decide to use.
Step18: Take a classical approach to this one.
Step19: Sometimes letters aren’t just letters.
Step20: N/A
Step21: Dropbox to the rescue!
Step22: Head to the designated spot for Dropbox feature requests
Step23: If the Dropbox Team is watching you, it’s probably not a bad idea to learn About Us
Step24: N/A
Step25: video game reference!
Step26: N/A
Step27: Make sure to take ‘notes’! Having a piano nearby might be helpful too.
Step28: Seems like most people got stumped on this one… birds of a feather flock together, I guess.
Step29: Go back from the start if you have to!
Step30: You’re awesome!

You’ll need to visit the Dropbox forums along the way: http://forums.dropbox.com

Click here to view a forum post that gives more Dropquest hints, without revealing any answers.

Begin Dropquest here: https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011

Getting Started In Dropbox: Another Free 250 MB

Log in to your Dropbox account in any browser, and visit the Getting Started section of your account. Complete the 6 simple tasks listed on the Getting Started page to receive the maximum 250 MB of free Dropbox space available here.

1. Take the Dropbox tour
2. Install Dropbox on your computer
3. Put files in your Dropbox folder
4. Install Dropbox on other computers you use
5. Share a folder with friends or colleagues
6. Invite some friends to join Dropbox

Use Facebook And Twitter With Dropbox: Get 640 MB Free

While logged into your Dropbox account, visit: https://www.dropbox.com/free

From that page, complete the tasks listed there to instantly get 128 MB of free Dropbox space, per task completed. These tasks involve using your Facebook and Twitter accounts with Dropbox, and are as follows:

Connect your Twitter account with Dropbox
Connect your Facebook account with Dropbox
Follow @Dropbox on Twitter
Tweet about Dropbox for more free space!
Tell us why you love Dropbox

Again, you do not need to complete all tasks to get free space, but if you do complete all tasks listed, then you will receive the maximum 640 MB of free Dropbox space available here.


  1. Deb

    Wow, thanks Dave. I am now a Pro Account with Dropbox, but they gave me a special 20GB price (no longer available). I missed the Quest, but still got in on the social links that increased my space even more. Really appreciate the information and details and links. I love this though I use FTP and have many websites/hosts, DropBox provides a much needed and useful service.

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