Dropquest II: Get At Least 1 GB Free Extra Space For Dropbox

Get at least 1 GB of extra free Dropbox space, by completing Dropquest II. Win more prizes for finishing the soonest.

The 1 GB of extra free space applies to everyone who finishes Dropquest II. Any Dropbox account is able to receive this bonus 1 GB, no matter which account type you have (Basic, Pro 50, Pro 100).

Dropquest is a multi-step scavenger hunt that has you solve a series of puzzles… Everyone who completes Dropquest will get at least 1 GB of extra free space, even if you participated last year.

Those who finish Dropquest the fastest may win further prizes. For example, the fastest to finish this year’s Dropquest will receive 100 GB of Dropbox storage space for life, among other prizes.

Dropquest II starts Saturday, May 12, at 10 am PST (17:00 GMT).

Sign up here for a free 2.5 GB Dropbox account (a basic free 2 GB account + 500 MB referral bonus), if you don’t already have one.

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