Free 500 MB Extra Dropbox Storage With The Dropbox Android App

From Dropbox, get 500 MB of bonus storage space by using the Dropbox mobile app on your Android phone to upload photos or videos to your Dropbox.

Use Dropbox for Android to Get 500 MB Free Storage

With the latest Dropbox Android app, you can now automatically upload photos and videos to your Dropbox account from your Android phone. Using wi-fi or your mobile data plan, the Dropbox app will automatically save your photos and videos to a private “Camera Uploads” folder in your Dropbox account.

If you don’t already have a Dropbox account, then signup here for a free 2.5 GB Dropbox account (with a 500 MB referral bonus).

Update to the latest version of the Dropbox Android app and with your first automatic upload, get an additional 500 MB of free extra Dropbox storage space:

To help you get started saving your photos, we’ll give you 500 MB of Dropbox space for your first automatic upload. As you take more photos and videos, you can use this feature to automatically upload up to a total of 3 GB extra for free.

Once uploaded, you can view or share your content from the Dropbox website. Your photos are uploaded and stored at full size.

(This feature is not yet available for iOS on Apple’s iPhone.)

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