Convert and Edit DMC-ZS3 AVCHD Lite Video for Free

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 (also known as DMC-TZ7) can record 720p HD video in the AVCHD Lite video format (1280 x 720), with the ".mts" file extension, which has no time limit on video length and which has file sizes much smaller than the alternative Motion JPEG format.

To edit AVCHD Lite video (.mts), it is easier to first convert a copy of the video to an AVI file (.avi).

Easily Change Motorola E6 (ROKR) Volume Limits

If you own a Motorola E6 (ROKR) cell phone, when listening to music with headphones or through the phone speaker, you may find that sometimes the highest volume setting is not loud enough, or conversely that sometimes the lowest volume setting is too loud. An application called “VolSet”, written by another Motorola E6 user, can be installed to easily change the limits of the system volume on the E6.