GTasks: Free Android To-Do List App Syncs With Google Task List

For Android phone users, GTasks is a simple way to manage your tasks, to-do lists, check lists, or notes. GTasks is a free Android task list app (or Android to-do list app) that you can sync online to your Google task list, so that you can also view your tasks using Google Calendar or Gmail. Using GTasks gives you more features than using your online Google task list alone.

Features of GTasks Android Task List App

GTasks Android App: User-Friendly Features

  • Create new tasks & task lists on your phone.
  • Easily sync online with your Google task list.
  • Scroll left/right to switch between task lists.
  • Set repeating tasks & phone alarms/reminders.
  • View all tasks in Google Calendar online.

The GTasks Android task list app includes extra features that are not available when only using Google tasks (through Google Calendar or Gmail). With a simple and clean interface, GTasks has the basic features needed to easily organize and sync your tasks in Android.

These are features that are available in both the online Google task list and the GTasks Android app:

  • Create tasks, along with notes.
  • Set due dates for tasks (optional).
  • Mark tasks as complete, with the option to clear completed tasks.
  • Create multiple task lists, to organize your tasks better.
  • View your tasks on 1 task list at a time.
  • Calendar view is available for scheduled tasks (tasks with due dates) only on your Google Calendar online, for the selected task list.
  • Automatically sort tasks by due date.
  • Manually sort tasks.
  • Indent and un-indent tasks on each list, for better organization.
GTasks Android todo list app - task list screenGTasks Android todo list app - task add & edit screen
GTasks screenshots (from the Android Market)

GTasks includes all the above features, plus the below features that are only available within the GTasks to-do list app for Android:

  • Sync tasks with your online Google task list (automatic sync, manual sync, or sync on open/close).
  • Option to use GTasks without syncing to a Google account (local mode).
  • Set time reminders or alarms for tasks, with a snooze alarm function (reminder times will not appear in Google Calendar to-do list, but are viewable only in GTasks).
  • Set tasks as one-time events only, or as repeating events (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).
  • Receive task notifications on your Android phone.
  • Android widget can display tasks for one or all task lists.
  • View all tasks from all lists, combined into a single list.
  • Easily switch the task list being viewed by scrolling left and right.
  • Automatically sort tasks by name or by date created.
  • Share tasks from your Android phone.

If you choose to use GTasks on your Android phone only (local mode) without connecting to a Google account, then these are the limitations:

  • No calendar view of scheduled tasks is available within the GTasks Android app; only list view.
  • No online syncing for your tasks.

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