How To: Hide Your Facebook Friends List On Your Profile

With recent changes to Facebook’s privacy settings, you can once again hide your Facebook Friends list, so that no one else can see who your Facebook friends are from your profile page.

Facebook has gone through many changes to their privacy settings and policy over the past several months. For a while, you could not completely hide your Facebook Friends list from people who had access to your profile page. But now, you can prevent others from viewing your Friends list if you wish.

How To Keep Your Facebook Friends List Private

Here are the steps on how to keep your Facebook Friends list totally private, so that it will not show on your profile page.

  1. Go to “Privacy Settings“, and click on “Friends, Tags and Connections“.


  • In “Friends, Tags and Connections”, select the drop-down options box for “Friends”.Facebook-Privacy-Settings-Friends-Tags-Connections
  • In the drop-down options box for “Friends”, select “Customize”.Facebook-Privacy-Settings-Friends-Tags-Connections
  • In the pop-up window showing the Custom Privacy options for “Friends”, under “make this visible to” select “Only Me”. Then click on “Save Setting”.Facebook-Custom-Privacy-Friends-Only-Me
    (Alternatively, if you would still like some other people to see your Facebook Friends list on your profile page, you can adjust these settings to the appropriate level for you. You can also choose to hide your Facebook Friends list from only certain people, by entering names under “hide this from”.)
  • Now, your Facebook Friends list on your profile page will only be visible by you (if you selected “Only Me”). Click on “Preview My Profile” and enter some of your friends’ names to confirm that they can no longer see your Facebook Friends list on your profile.



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  1. Lee Ann

    You have the new “improved privacy” .

    Go to Privacy Settings
    In the Category of Basic Directory Information look for the text link that says View Settings.

    Once there click on See my friends list and you can select the same choice as above.

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