Make Money from Google Adsense At is a web site whose central purposes are to share ideas (by writing and commenting), make friends, and get paid. This article deals with that last one, getting paid, and goes through the basics of how to make money online through makes it more user friendly to not only make some extra income online, but also to help publicize either your own work or other useful/interesting material online, through their version of social bookmarking. uses Google Adsense, so that itself does not pay you, but rather, you are paid through your Google Adsense account, which is free if you do not have one. For those who are new to online income, the process of making money online, with a free account, is simplified here.

Reasons to Join

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Everything you write on Xomba then gets placed into powerful search engines which deliver an audience of interested readers directly to your work. Others have the opportunity to read your article, thus allowing them to discover fun, interesting, and useful information. Your chance to earn money comes from this audience, and your chances of article exposure are much greater than any standard blog or forum, because of this community.

How to Make Money Online with

Typically, to earn revenue online involves a combination of getting paid for advertisements or getting paid for creating content (i.e. writing articles). combines these two on its web site, in a very user friendly way, that only requires users to do two basic steps after registering:

  1. Get a free Google Adsense account and link it to your account, or use your existing Adsense account if you have one.
  2. Write content.

There’s no need for any further set up, maintenance, or promotion, such as that which would be necessary with a blog.

In exchange for the convenience and large community of readers, the revenue generated through the user’s content, is evenly shared (50/50) by both the user and Revenue is generated when ads are clicked by someone while reading a user’s content. This is explained in a bit more detail below.

How Works

There are two types of posts on

  1. Xombytes: A full piece of writing (150 word minimum) that can be a blog-type post, article, review, or fictional piece. While Xombytes can include links to other web pages, the main focus of a Xombyte is the text of the Xombyte itself.
  2. Xomblurbs: A short and descriptive piece of writing (50 word minimum) that is meant to function more like a social bookmarking tool. A user would write a Xomblurb if they want to share a link to another web page, with other users. The main focus of the Xomblurb text is the content of the linked web page.

In both cases, the writing should be unique and in the user’s own words. Direct quotes can be used, but not as the focus, and so they should be kept to a minimum.

There are a few basic restrictions to keep in mind when writing either Xombytes or Xomblurbs:

  • You can write about whatever topic you like within reason, but you cannot copy another writer’s work. Also be careful about using too many quotes, as this may be seen to be copying and could result in your account being temporarily suspended.
  • A Xomblurb cannot link another to another Xombyte. One reason for this, most likely, is to stop lazy users from profiting by quickly writing Xomblurbs that just link to another user’s work in a Xombyte. Shares Google Adsense Revenues with Users

Just how much income do you earn with Your Xombytes and Xomblurbs are published on along with Google ads. These ads are rotated so that half of the time, the displayed ads will pay you if clicked (these are linked to your Google Adsense account), and the other half of the time the displayed ads pay (these are not linked to your Google Adsense account). Revenue generated by your work is essentially split 50/50 between you and

So basically, if you have interesting content with interesting titles, then you would potentially have more readers for your work. would likely have more readers than a new blog, and more readers means more potential ad clicks and more revenue for you.

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  1. William

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    1. If you are talking about the actual code for each of your Adsense ads, then no, you don’t put your Adsense code in your Xomba posts.

      You just need to enter your Adsense “Publisher ID” into your Xomba account. Then after you do that, Xomba will automatically place Google ads (using your Publisher ID) into the content you write on Xomba, split 50/50 as described above.

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