Mozy Unlimited Alternative: SugarSync – Save $60 In February

With recent news of Mozy discontinuing the MozyHome Unlimited computer backup plan, SugarSync is offering a special offer for those looking for a Mozy alternative or an alternative to any other online backup services. SugarSync and Mozy both have several backup options available, with variations in the amount of storage space, the number of devices included for backup, and pricing. SugarSync’s discount offer is detailed here, along with a price comparison of Mozy and SugarSync backup plans.

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Save $5 Per Month On SugarSync: February Deal

During February, sign up for SugarSync and save $5 per month for the first year of service (equal to $60 in savings):

Note that all SugarSync plans come with a 30-day free trial, so you can test out the service first.

From SugarSync:

Special Offer

For any user that wants to leave the world of inflexible online backup to experience the full utility of their own Personal Cloud, we are introducing a limited-time offer. For the month of February, users can take advantage of SugarSync’s 100 GB plan for only $9.99 per month (normally $14.99 per month), or SugarSync’s 250 GB plan for only $19.99 per month (normally $24.99) – both which support unlimited devices. This pricing is good for the first full year of service. No hidden costs or additional fees for each extra device – you can now backup, sync and share your entire digital life across ALL of your devices, for less!

To take advantage of this offer, please sign up at:

SugarSync Vs. Mozy

See the chart below to compare Mozy and SugarSync backup plan pricing, in order of the amount of storage space included with each plan. While there are some differences in features, both SugarSync and Mozy offer secure backups for your important computer files (documents, notes, photos, videos).

The main factors to consider when choosing between Mozy and SugarSync, are shown here: storage space, included number of computers for backup, and price.

Mozy Vs. SugarSync Plans – Price Comparison (Ordered by Storage Space)
Online Computer
Backup Plan
Storage Space Computers Included For Backup Monthly Price 1 Year Plan
Monthly AVG Price
SugarSync 30 GB 30 GB Unlimited $4.99 $4.16/month
MozyHome 50 GB 50 GB 1 Computer
(+$2/mth for extra comp.)
(+$2/mth for each extra 20 GB)
SugarSync 60 GB 60 GB Unlimited $9.99 $8.33/month
SugarSync 100 GB 100 GB Unlimited $9.99 (Feb Offer)
$14.99 (Regular)
MozyHome 125 GB 125 GB 3 Computers
(+$2/mth for extra comp.)
(+$2/mth for each extra 20 GB)
SugarSync 250 GB 250 GB Unlimited $19.99 (Feb Offer)
$24.99 (Regular)

For example, SugarSync 30 GB is the least expensive plan above, and may be the best fit for you if you want to have a fair amount of storage space to backup multiple devices for the lowest available price.

On the other hand, MozyHome 50 GB offers 20 GB more storage space for only $1 more, so if you only plan to backup 1 computer, then this may be the best value for your situation.

For most individual home users, one of the above options should be a good fit, whether your priority is price, backing up multiple devices, or having a lot of storage space.

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  1. w0qj

    Good review – here are a few recent changes as of June 2011:
    You get 5GB of space with the FREE version, but now there is no restriction to the number of computers you can sync/backup (up from 2).
    It gives you the ability to upload and sync any folder on your computer.
    It is the only service that offers such a broad device and OS support with apps for BlackBerry, Android, iPhone/iPad, Symbian, not to mention your computer!

    Also if you use the below referral code you get a bonus 500MB extra on top of your Free 5GB!

    Hope it helps someone.

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