Picasa Software: Web Albums Login Incorrect With 2-Step Verification

Using the desktop software version of Picasa, you have the option to sign in to Picasa Web Albums to upload and share your photos. If you get a “login incorrect” message when you try to sign in to Picasa Web Albums from the desktop version of Picasa, it may be because you have 2-Step Verification turned on in your Google account.

Problem: Picasa Web Albums Login Incorrect

When signing in to Picasa Web Albums, with Picasa desktop software, you may get a “Login Incorrect” error, as shown below.


Solution: Use Application-Specific Password

One possible reason for this login error, may be that you have turned on 2-Step Verification in your Google account. Picasa software does not use 2-Step Verification, so you will need to set up an application-specific password for use with Picasa.

  1. Go to your Google account settings page. Under Account Overview, click to edit “authorizing applications & sites”.


  • Create an application-specific password for use in Picasa. Enter any name, such as “Picasa”, then click “generate password”. The name you choose is only for your own reference, to keep track of what passwords you have generated.picasa-login-incorrect-application-specific-password-03
  • Copy the password and paste it into the Picasa Web Album sign in screen, in the Picasa desktop software. Click “remember me on this computer”, then sign in.


If you log out of Picasa Web Albums within Picasa software, then you may need to re-enter the application-specific password, or else repeat the process to generate an application-specific password if you have forgotten it.

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