Remove Extra Characters Appearing At The End Of Your WordPress Blog URL

If you use AddThis to generate your sharing buttons on your WordPress blog, then at some point you may have noticed extra characters appearing at the end of your blog URL or post URL, in the address bar. This is a normal part of AddThis, but you may not realize why this has happened. You can remove or hide these characters by editing the AddThis code or by changing AddThis plugin settings.

Problem: Extra Characters in Address Bar With AddThis

These extra characters, in the form of “#.TuomlFaZCSo” for example, are the result of having the Address Bar Sharing option enabled from AddThis.

Address Bar Sharing
Measures when users copy your URL from their browser’s address bar and share it with their friends. This will modify your URLs with an analytics fragment.

When you originally got the code for sharing buttons from the AddThis site, you may have checked the box to enable the Address Bar Sharing option. Or if you’re using the AddThis WordPress plugin, the Address Bar Sharing option checkbox may have been selected there.

Solution: Disable Address Bar Sharing in AddThis

If you don’t want these extra characters in your WordPress blog or post address, then you will need to disable Address Bar Sharing. Here are three simple ways you can do this.

A) Get the code from AddThis again: This time, before you grab the code, uncheck the Address Bar Sharing checkbox under options. After doing that, you can configure the style and buttons as you like, then copy the code over to your site.

B) Edit the code on your website: Wherever the AddThis code is placed on your site, delete the following line of code to disable Address Bar Sharing:

<script type=”text/javascript”>var addthis_config = {“data_track_addressbar”:true};</script>

C) Change AddThis plugin settings: Disable the option for Address Bar Sharing on your AddThis plugin page in WordPress.

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