Skype For Android Updated, Supports HTC Wildfire And More

The official Skype Android app has been updated to support Android phones with lower screen resolutions, such as the HTC Wildfire and others. Several other performance improvements are included in the Skype Android application 1.0.1 update, and are described here.

Skype 1.0.1 Update For Android Phones

With Skype for Android, you can make voice calls from an Android phone to other mobile phones or landlines, using Skype Credit or a Skype Subscription. This is the first update for Skype’s Android app since its initial release. Here are the key improvements in Skype for Android version 1.0.1:

* 320×240 and 240×400 screen resolutions are now supported.
* Hardware back key is now supported.
* Signing out from Skype now exits Skype.
* Reduced power consumption in idle mode.
* Improved login stability and behavior.
* Improved performance with large contact lists.
* Reduced application size.
* General bug fixes.

Skype For Android Supports 320×240 & 240×400 Screens

Android devices with smaller or lower resolution screens are now supported by the Skype for Android app, version 1.0.1. Android phones with screen resolutions of 320×240 and 240×400 can now use the Skype Android app, if they are running Android OS 2.1 or higher. From theSkype blog:

We haven’t carried out our full suite of tests on these phones, so we can’t guarantee full functionality or compatibility, but you should now be able to install and run the app on devices with 320×240 and 240×400 pixel screens.

Such Android devices include the HTC Wildfire, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini, the Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5, the Motorola FlipOut, the Motorola SPICE XT300, and others.

The Skype Android app is available as a free download from the Android market.

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