SugarSync 250 MB Bonus Storage Through Mobile Apps

Get 250 MB of SugarSync bonus storage space by using the SugarSync mobile application on iOS or Android devices, and following a few simple steps. This 250 MB bonus applies to any account, and even if you don’t currently use or don’t plan to use SugarSync on your mobile device, you can still claim your 250 MB bonus.

Add 250 MB of Bonus Storage To Your SugarSync Account

If you have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Android tablet, you can add 250 MB of SugarSync bonus storage space to your account by following these instructions from SugarSync:

Note: New users will already have these files and therefore can skip to step 4.

  1. Make sure SugarSync Mobile is updated to the latest version on your device.
  2. Now on your computer, download the following .zip file.
    Sample Data
  3. Unzip the “Sample Data” file, and drop the three folders it contains into the Magic Briefcase.
  4. Navigate to the “Files” tab in your SugarSync Mobile application on your device.
    – On iOS, tap 198-present-icon in the upper-right corner, and then tap Play the Game.
    – On Android, select Introduction Game (or Getting Started) from the main menu [select the menu, then “More > Introduction Game”].
  5. Follow the steps on the screen.

On the Introduction Game screen, you will see:

Complete 3 more tasks to receive your 250 MB bonus storage.

The 3 tasks you need to complete to get the 250 MB SugarSync bonus are:

  • Send a document: Go to “Files > Magic Briefcase > Sample Documents > SugarSync Quick Start Guide”. Select the email icon for “SugarSync Quick Start Guide”. Enter an email address to send to, then select “Send”.
  • Send a picture: Go to “Photos > My Albums”. Select the sample album. Select the waterfall photo. Select the menu, then “Send”. Enter email address and select Send.
  • Upload a photo: Select the menu, then “Take Picture”. Once the picture is taken, select “Insert”. SugarSync will automatically upload your photo to a folder called Mobile Photos.

Once each task is complete, it will be marked “Done”. Once all tasks are complete, 250 MB will be added to your SugarSync account, and on the Introduction Game screen you will now see:

Congratulations! We have added 250 MB of bonus storage to your account for completing the Introduction Game. You can redo any of the tasks for practice.

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