SugarSync File Backup Deal: 15% Off All Subscriptions

Updated: September 2011

Save 15% on any and all SugarSync subscriptions. SugarSync will backup and synchronize your files, allowing you to access your files from any device (computer, phone, tablet), or in case of computer failure.

Offer Details:
Get 15% off any subscription plan. Plans are available with 30 GB, 60 GB, 100 GB, and 250 GB of storage space. Find out more about SugarSync plans here.

Dates Offer Is Valid: September 1, 2011 – September 5, 2011


Access All Your Data. Anytime. Anywhere. From Any Device.

SugarSync is instant and secure online file sync and backup for your PC, Mac, or Mobile Device.

sugarsync Click here to get 15% off any subscription plan.

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