SugarSync Now Offering Free 625 MB Bonus Storage

On SugarSync, the online file backup and synchronization service, all users can now get up to 625 MB in bonus storage for free.

To get the full 625 MB free bonus storage space in your SugarSync account, complete all of the tasks on the SugarSync Getting Started page in your account. Previously, the Getting Started page would give users 250 MB of free storage only when all tasks were completed. Now, the Getting Started page will give you 125 MB of free storage for each individual task completed, for a total of 625 MB.

The tasks on the SugarSync Getting Started page are:

  1. Install SugarSync Manager on your computer.
  2. Share a file using a Public Link.
  3. Share a folder.
  4. Upload a file by email.
  5. Share your referral link on Facebook.


On the Getting Started page in your account, click on each task and you will be redirected to the proper web page where instructions are given for you to complete the task to get free storage space. As mentioned, you will instantly get 125 MB of free bonus storage when a task is completed.


If you had previously completed the old Getting Started page, which gave you 250 MB of free bonus storage total, then you will instantly get the full 625 MB the first time you go to the new Getting Started page in your account.

From SugarSync’s blog:

Many of you know that we’ve had the Getting Started page for a while. Before today, you had to complete alltasks to get any storage. Now, you get free storage (125MB) each time you complete a task. We figure it’d be a fun way to introduce you to what SugarSync can do and give you free storage along the way. We’re starting with 5 simple tasks (more to come). It’s an easy way to learn more about SugarSync’s features while earning 625MB of free storage!

To get a SugarSync account:

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