Skype To Go: How To Save Money On Long Distance Calls

What is Skype To Go? With Skype To Go, use any phone to easily make cheap long distance phone calls (at Skype’s low calling rates) by dialling a personalized local number. No software or apps are required; just use any landline or mobile phone. Skype To Go is free to use. It is included with a Skype subscription (pay monthly) and with Skype Credit (pay per minute). Keep reading for more on Skype To Go, including why you should use it, how to set it up, how to use it, and the costs.

New Mozy Online Backup Plans: Unlimited Plan Ends

Mozy, the online computer backup service, has revised their available price plans and online storage amounts. The MozyHome Unlimited plan has been discontinued and replaced by new MozyHome price plans and storage limits (MozyHome 50 GB and MozyHome 125 GB). See the new Mozy plan details and price comparisons here, along with specific comparisons for the lowest price options for backing up both multiple computers or more than 50 GB of files.

Dropbox Free: Get Over 2 GB Free Extra Storage Space

Participate in Dropquest 2011 and get up to 1 GB of free extra storage space for your Dropbox account. Complete other tasks within your Dropbox account on Dropbox’s website to get even more free extra space, adding over 1 GB more to your Dropbox account, for a total of over 2 GB of free bonus Dropbox storage space.