SugarSync Free Plan Upgraded To 5 GB

SugarSync is an online file backup and synchronization service. Accounts with SugarSync include varying amounts of file storage space, in both free plans and paid plans. SugarSync’s free plan has now been upgraded to include 5 GB of free storage for file sync and backup.

Dropbox vs Mozy vs SugarSync: File Sync and Backup Comparison

Three of the most widely used file sync, backup, and share services are compared here side-by-side: Dropbox, Mozy, and SugarSync. Depending on how much and how often you plan to sync, backup, or share files, one of these services may be more suited to your needs. Specifically, the free features, the paid features, the pricing, and the overall value are compared. All three services offer both free and paid packages. First, a brief overview of SugarSync, Mozy, and Dropbox, followed by a side-by-side comparison of all three services.

Make Skype HD Video Calls With These HD Webcams

Starting from Skype 4.2alt, it is now possible to make Skype HD video calls at 720p HD quality (1280×720 resolution at up to 30 frames per second). Skype had announced this HD video calling featurealt back in January, 2010, but only recently has a wider variety of HD webcams become available. Shown here is what is needed to make HD video calls over Skype, including details on several HD webcams (from Logitech, FreeTalk, faceVsion, and Microsoft).

Alternatives To Fring For Using Skype On Android Mobile Phones

Fring users have recently been blocked from using Skype accounts to make phone calls in Fring. (Skype Users Are Now Blocked From Making Calls Using Fring) Previously, Fring software had allowed one to use a mobile phone to call landlines and mobile phones through their Skype account (using Skype credit and call rates), rather than needing to call from a computer. Here are two alternatives to Fring that use Skype to make calls from an Android mobile phone. Update: A Skype app is now available for Android mobile phones.