Google Account 2-Step Verification & Google Authenticator

Google’s 2-Step Verification is an optional and relatively simple way to provide an extra level of security for your Google account. While it is not a newly introduced feature, it may not be very widely known or used by most. More information on 2-Step Verification for your Google account is given below, including details on how to setup and use it.

Skype To Go: How To Save Money On Long Distance Calls

What is Skype To Go? With Skype To Go, use any phone to easily make cheap long distance phone calls (at Skype’s low calling rates) by dialling a personalized local number. No software or apps are required; just use any landline or mobile phone. Skype To Go is free to use. It is included with a Skype subscription (pay monthly) and with Skype Credit (pay per minute). Keep reading for more on Skype To Go, including why you should use it, how to set it up, how to use it, and the costs.

Updated: Disable Facebook Instant Personalization Pilot Program

Facebook has recently begun to roll out their new "Improved Privacy Controls". This changes how some privacy settings are accessed on the Facebook website. A previous article on dealt with how to change Facebook’s Instant Personalization Pilot Program privacy settings, so that it would be disabled for your account. But depending on if Facebook has applied these "Improved Privacy Controls" to your Facebook account, those instructions may no longer apply to you, and instead the instructions below may be applicable.

How To: Disable Facebook Instant Personalization Pilot Program

A recent new feature from Facebook is the Facebook Instant Personalization Pilot Program, which acts to personalize your visits to other selected partner websites such as, Pandora, and Yelp. To get greater control over your online privacy in relation to Facebook, you may choose to opt-out of this program. If you do not want this feature activated, then you can disable it through the Facebook Privacy Settings, using the steps shown here.

How To: Hide Your Facebook Friends List On Your Profile

With recent changes to Facebook’s privacy settings, you can once again hide your Facebook Friends list, so that no one else can see who your Facebook friends are from your profile page. Facebook has gone through many changes to their privacy settings and policy over the past several months. For a while, you could not completely hide your Facebook Friends list from people who had access to your profile page. But now, you can prevent others from viewing your Friends list if you wish.

Repair Oily or Shiny Skin on a Person’s Face in a Photo

Sometimes after taking a photo of a person or a group of people, someone in the shot has obviously oily skin or shiny skin, which may have been made worse by your camera flash or by the surrounding lighting. At any rate, the following is a quick and simple method to fix or improve the shine on a person’s face in a photo, whether it involves someone’s forehead, cheeks, nose, or other area of their face. Photoshop is used for the method below to reduce the appearance of oily or shiny skin.

Reduce Noise in Panasonic DMC-ZS3 Photos For Free

Noise can affect all types and models of digital cameras, so the noise problem and noise reduction solution described here can be applied to photos taken by any camera, though the level of success may vary depending on the original photo quality. Using the free demo version of Neat Image noise reduction software, JPEG photos taken with the Panasonic ZS3 (or any other camera) can be improved or cleaned-up by following a simple process.