Skype Users Are Now Blocked From Making Calls Using Fring

An earlier post on discussed using Fring software to make phone calls using your Skype account, from your wi-fi enabled mobile phone. Unfortunately, however, at this time this is no longer possible. That is, you can no longer use your Skype account to make phone calls from Fring. Update: A new Skype app for Android phones is now available, to go along with some other alternatives to Fring for Skype voice calls.

Skype “Pay As You Go” Credit vs Monthly Subscription

Skype offers several payment options, but for some it can be unclear which option is the cheapest or most inexpensive.

Depending on both the number of calls you make per month and the length of your average outgoing PC-to-phone call, you can save money by using the right plan, either Skype "Pay As You Go" Credit or a Skype Monthly Subscription. The price option that is the cheapest option for you is discussed below.