Uninstall Vlingo from Samsung Galaxy S II Without Rooting (For Android 4 ICS)

The Vlingo app, for processing voice commands on Android phones, has been both too easy to activate accidentally and too difficult to remove on the Samsung Galaxy S II, according to many Android users. Here is a simple method to uninstall Vlingo without rooting your Android phone (only for Android 4, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS).

Problem: Vlingo Launches Accidentally, Can’t Remove Vlingo

One common complaint is that it is too easy to activate Vlingo by an accidental double-tap or double-click of the home button on the Samsung Galaxy S2. For those who found this to be a problem, a further issue is that Vlingo could not be uninstalled or removed easily.

That is, the only way to really remove Vlingo was through rooting your Android phone, which is not for everyone.

Solution: Uninstall Vlingo Without Rooting Android ICS Phone

The following is a method to uninstall Vlingo using GO Launcher EX, a home replacement app (Android launcher). Again, this is meant for Android phones running ICS (Android 4):

  1. Install Go Launcher EX.
  2. While using GO Launcher EX, open the app drawer. Find the Voice Command icon.
  3. Long press and hold the Voice Command icon, then a red cross will pop up.
  4. Press the red cross, then follow the prompts to uninstall Vlingo.
  5. If you do not need GO Launcher EX anymore, then you can uninstall it too.

All credit for this method goes to the forum member posts in this thread from androidforums.com.

For those without an already-rooted Android ICS phone, this method is definitely easier and faster then any method that involves rooting your phone.

Disable Vlingo, Without Uninstalling

If you prefer to keep Vlingo on your phone, or maybe if your phone does not have Android 4 (ICS), then according to Vlingo you can:

1) Disable double-tap feature

Open your phones “Settings”, then select “Motion settings”. From there you can uncheck “Double Tap”.

2) Turn off Driving Mode to minimize TTS feedback

Open your phones “Settings”, select “Voice input and output, then “Text-to-Speech”. Uncheck “Driving mode”.

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