Updated: Disable Facebook Instant Personalization Pilot Program

Facebook has recently begun to roll out their new “Improved Privacy Controls“. This changes how some privacy settings are accessed on the Facebook website.

A previous article on TechUserFriendly.com dealt with how to change Facebook’s Instant Personalization Pilot Program privacy settings, so that it would be disabled for your account.

But depending on if Facebook has applied these “Improved Privacy Controls” to your Facebook account, those instructions may no longer apply to you, and instead the instructions below may be applicable.

The Facebook Instant Personalization Pilot Program, acts to personalize your visits to other selected partner websites such as MicrosoftDocs.com, Pandora, and Yelp. This will make it so that information is tailored towards you on these external partner websites, based on your “public Facebook information”. But it may be difficult for you to know exactly what information in your Facebook profile is public (i.e. your Facebook Friends list).

Check your privacy settings, to get greater control over your online privacy with Facebook. If you do not want this feature activated, then make sure it is disabled in your Facebook Privacy Settings, using the steps shown here.

Does Your Account Have Facebook’s Improved Privacy Controls?


If under Facebook’s Privacy Settings, you have the following control layout as shown in the image below, then these basic instructions apply to you.


How To Turn Off The Facebook Instant Personalization Pilot Program

  1. Go to Facebook’s Privacy Settings page, and at the bottom in the “Applications and Websites” section, click on “Edit your settings“.


  • For “Instant Personalization“, click on “Edit Settings“.03-Facebook-Applications-and-Websites
  • On the “Instant Personalization” settings page, make sure the box is unchecked for “Enable instant personalization on partner websites“.04-Facebook-Instant-Personalization-Pilot-Program
  • You are now opted out of Facebook’s Instant Personalization Pilot Program.


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