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Updated August 14, 2015
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TechUserFriendly.com covers issues and products relating to gadgets, software, blogging, and the web.

Disclosure – TechUserFriendly.com

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  • A strong preference towards tech products, web services, and software/apps that are user-friendly.
  • Content focused on facts regarding products, services and software, rather than author opinions or author reviews.
  • In those cases where a positive or negative opinion is given by this website, these opinions expressed are our own, and are not affected by any affiliate program.
  • Content includes focus on user-friendliness or ease-of-use (ie. tips, troubleshooting, workarounds, fixes, how-to guides, alternatives).
  • Also, many posts serve as a record of various small tips and tricks that have been personally useful for issues/problems that may or may not be very common. These may be self-discovered or credited to external sources, or a mix of the two.

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