Carbonite vs SugarSync: Online File Backup Comparison

Carbonite and SugarSync are two widely-used online file backup services. Both Carbonite and SugarSync offer free trials and paid plans.

Carbonite is a backup service only, but offers unlimited online backup. While SugarSync offers both file sync and backup services, but has limits on the amount of data you can back up online.

Below, a side-by-side comparison of Carbonite and SugarSync features is given, followed by more details and pricing comparisons for each file backup service. Read through to see which service is a better fit for your backup needs.

Backup Feature Comparison: Carbonite vs SugarSync

The following chart compares the features of Carbonite and SugarSync, based on the allowed storage space, backup details, backup options, file sharing, and file security.

Below the chart, see more details for both Carbonite and SugarSync, including pricing comparisons.

Survive a PC Disaster with Carbonite Online Backup
Try SugarSync Free!
Paid Account Sizes Unlimited Backup – All accounts. 30 GB
60 GB
100 GB
250 GB
500 GB
Free Trial 15 Day Free Trial
(No credit card required.)
30 Day Free Trial
Website Access Yes – Access all backed-up files from any web browser. Yes – Access all backed-up files from any web browser.
Mobile Access (Apps) iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
Windows Mobile
Computers Backed Up 1 computer per account. Unlimited number of computers.
Automatic Backup Yes Yes
Automatic & Continuous Backup Yes – Backup happens automatically, in the background. Yes – Backup happens automatically in the background.
Automatic Sync For Multiple Computers No – Files are backed up online, and can be downloaded to any computer through the website. Yes – Files are automatically kept updated on each computer you register.
Requires Installing Software Yes – Carbonite software manages your backed up files, folders, schedules. Yes – SugarSync software manages your backed up and synced files, folders.
Backup Any Folder On Your Computer Yes Yes
Optional Scheduled Backup Times Yes – Schedule when you want backups to happen (optional). No – Automatic backup only.
Option To Exclude File Types From Backup Yes No
Option To Store Files Online Only – Not On Your Computer No – Backed up files are stored both online and on your computer. Yes – Store files online only in your account’s Web Archive, without keeping a copy on your computer (optional).
File Types Backed Up » Backed Up Automatically:
Pictures, documents, email, settings, music.
» Can Be Added To Back Up:
Videos, executable files, files larger than 4 GB.
» Cannot Be Backed Up:
System files, temp files.
» Backed Up Automatically:
All file types.
Past File Versions Saved Yes – 12 previous versions of each file are saved, from the past 90 days. Yes – Current version, plus previous 5 versions of each file are saved.
Encrypted File Transfer Yes – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Yes – Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Encrypted File Storage Yes – 128-bit Blowfish encryption Yes – 128-bit AES encryption
File Sharing Options Email – Use the Carbonite mobile app to share backed up files, sent as email attachments. Download Links – Shared files can be directly downloaded by recipients using public download links.
Photo Sharing Options Facebook – Share backed up photos on Facebook through the Carbonite website. Facebook – Share backed up photos on Facebook through the SugarSync website.Photo Links – Share backed up photos to anyone through the SugarSync website; recipients are emailed a link to view the photos.
Learn more about Carbonite Learn more about SugarSync

Carbonite: Free and Paid Plans, Features and Pricing

Carbonite Home is an online computer backup service. Once you have registered for a paid account or a free trial, just install the Carbonite software onto your computer, then choose which files and folders to automatically backup online.

Carbonite Home will backup your files automatically and securely, but it is not a file sync service, and will not keep your files updated on multiple computers in real-time. However, you can always access all of your files from any computer using the Carbonite website, or from a mobile device using the Carbonite app.

The main purpose of Carbonite Home is for the safe backup of all your personal files (i.e. all user-generated files) such as documents, photos, videos, music, etc. If you have problems with your files or your computer, then you can always restore and recover backed up files from your Carbonite account online.

Carbonite Home – Unlimited Online Backup Plan Pricing:

Survive a PC Disaster with Carbonite Online Backup Account Price
(Per Computer)
Per Year
(Average Price)
Per Month
(Average Price)
1 Year Plan: Unlimited Backup $59 $59.00 $4.91
2 Year Plan: Unlimited Backup $109 – Save 8% $54.50 – Save 8% $4.54 – Save 8%
3 Year Plan: Unlimited Backup $139 – Save 21% $46.33 – Save 21% $3.86 – Save 21%

Sign up for a Carbonite Home plan here.

Get a free 15-day trial for Carbonite Home here (no credit card required).

SugarSync: Free and Paid Plans, Features and Pricing

SugarSync is an online file backup and file sync service. After registering for a paid account or a free trial, install the SugarSync software onto your computer (or multiple computers), then choose which files and folders to automatically backup online.

Access your backed up files from any computer using the SugarSync website or software, or from a mobile phone using the SugarSync app. SugarSync will automatically keep your files up-to-date and synced on all computers you have installed the SugarSync software to.

Also, SugarSync allows you the option to backup files without syncing them, so that they are stored online only. By using this Web Archive feature, files that are rarely used can be backed up safely, without taking up hard drive space on your computer.

Like Carbonite, if you have problems with your files or your computer, then you can always restore and recover backed up files from your SugarSync account online.

SugarSync – Online Backup Plans:

Try SugarSync Free! Annual Plan
(Account Price Per Year)
Monthly Plan
(Account Price Per Month)
30 GB Backup $49.99 – Save 17% $4.99
60 GB Backup $99.99 – Save 17% $9.99
100 GB Backup $149.99 – Save 17% $14.99
250 GB Backup $249.99 – Save 17% $24.99
500 GB Backup $399.99 – Save 17% $39.99

Sign up for a SugarSync backup plan here. Save 17% by choosing any annual backup plan.

Get a free 30-day trial for any SugarSync backup plan here.

SugarSync also offers a 5.5 GB free account (5 GB account + 500 MB referral bonus).

Choose Between Carbonite and SugarSync

When comparing the key features offered by both Carbonite and SugarSync, the main differences are:

  • the amount of backup space included
  • the number of computers backed up per account
  • the ability to schedule backups
  • the ability to sync files across multiple computers
  • the ability to store files online only (not on your computer)

When choosing between the two, the question is really whether or not you need the file sync feature. Do you need to keep updated versions of your files on multiple computers?

Yes – If you need file sync, then SugarSync is the choice for you, since Carbonite is for backup only.

No – If you do not need file sync, or if your main priority is backing up your computer, then Carbonite is the answer since Carbonite provides more value with its unlimited online backup.

Try Carbonite Online Backup FREE for 15 days (no credit card required).

Try SugarSync Online Backup FREE for 30 days.

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