Skype Users Are Now Blocked From Making Calls Using Fring

An earlier post on discussed using Fring software to make phone calls using your Skype account, from your wi-fi enabled mobile phone. Unfortunately, however, at this time this is no longer possible. That is, you can no longer use your Skype account to make phone calls from Fring.

Update: A new Skype app for Android phones is now available, to go along with some other alternatives to Fring for Skype voice calls.

This had been a very useful way to make use of Skype’s call service and international calling rates from your cell phone, without the need for extra network or data fees, and without needing to be at your computer all the time.

The reason why Skype has been disabled in Fring is not exactly clear though, as both Skype and Fring seem to disagree as to what happened.

From Skype’s Blog: Fring’s mis-use of Skype software was damaging to our brand and reputation

An hour or so ago, Fring reported on their blog that we had blocked their access to Skype. I want to make one thing absolutely clear: this is untrue.

Fring was using Skype software in a way it wasn’t designed to be used – and in a way which is in breach of Skype’s API Terms of Use and End User License Agreement. We’ve been talking with Fring for some time to try to resolve this amicably.

However, over time, Fring’s mis-use of our software was increasingly damaging our brand and reputation with our customers.

In this case, however, there is no truth to Fring’s claims that Skype has blocked it. Fring made the decision to remove Skype functionality on its own.

From Fring’s Blog: Skype Cowardly Blocks Fring

Now that fring expanded capacity to support the huge demand for video calling for all users, Skype has blocked us from doing so.

They are afraid of open mobile communication. Cowards.

Needless to say, we are very disappointed that Skype, who once championed the cause of openness is now trying to muzzle competition, even at the expense of its own users.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience Skype has caused you.


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