Stop Flash From Crashing In Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser users may come across the problem where they keep getting constant error messages about Flash crashing within Chrome. For example, when playing a video on YouTube or visiting a site that uses Flash in its menus, you may get this error message in Chrome: “The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash”. It’s possible that a Flash plug-in conflict is the cause of this problem. If there is a plug-in conflict, then you can stop Flash from crashing in Chrome by taking the steps in the solution below.

How To Fix Chrome’s Flash Plug-in Conflict

If the Shockwave Flash plug-in is constantly crashing in your Chrome browser, then it may be because of a Flash plug-in conflict within Chrome.

This happens in Chrome, and not in other browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera), because Chrome also has its own version of a Flash plug-in, in addition to the Adobe Flash Player used elsewhere on your system.

If Flash works properly elsewhere, then your Chrome browser may be trying to unsuccessfully use 2 different versions of Flash, causing a plug-in conflict and the Flash crash error message.

One solution is to disable the Chrome Flash plug-in. Here are the basic steps to fix the problem:

  1. Check Chrome Plug-ins List: Type “chrome://plugins” into the Chrome address bar to see all installed Chrome plug-ins.
  2. Check For 2 Flash Plug-ins Installed: At the top-right of the Chrome Plug-ins page, click “Details” to expand the details on each plug-in down to the “Flash” section to see the installed Flash plug-ins. If 2 Flash plug-ins are installed, you will see the text “Flash (2 files)” at the top of the Flash section.


  3. Disable Chrome Flash Plug-in: If there are 2 Flash plug-ins installed, then find the Chrome version by checking the “location” of the plug-in. Look for  the plug-in that is installed in a Chrome directory. Click “Disable” to turn off the Chrome Flash plug-in. Your Flash plug-in section will then look similar to the image below, where the Chrome Flash plug-in has been disabled and greyed
  4. Restart Chrome: Make sure the other Flash plug-in version is still enabled, as shown above. Then close and restart Chrome. You can visit the Adobe Flash Player test page to see if Flash is working correctly now.

There are more detailed instructions here if you need them, but the basic steps are the same.


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