Windows Live Writer: Backup and Sync Posts With Dropbox Or SugarSync

Windows Live Writer is software that lets you write and save blog content on your computer, allowing for offline editing and previewing. But it does not have any built-in backup options, and does not allow you to change the location where it saves your content. Backup tools like SugarSync and Dropbox can both be used to automatically sync and backup your Windows Live Writer content.

Mozy Unlimited Alternative: SugarSync – Save $60 In February

With recent news of Mozy discontinuing the MozyHome Unlimited computer backup plan, SugarSync is offering a special offer for those looking for a Mozy alternative or an alternative to any other online backup services. SugarSync and Mozy both have several backup options available, with variations in the amount of storage space, the number of devices included for backup, and pricing. SugarSync’s discount offer is detailed here, along with a price comparison of Mozy and SugarSync backup plans.

SugarSync Free Plan Upgraded To 5 GB

SugarSync is an online file backup and synchronization service. Accounts with SugarSync include varying amounts of file storage space, in both free plans and paid plans. SugarSync’s free plan has now been upgraded to include 5 GB of free storage for file sync and backup.