Create A Google Plus Page: Pick A Category For Blogs And Websites

A Google Plus Page can give your blog or website a presence on Google’s social network. While not essential, there is a category for Google Plus Pages that is meant for blogs and websites, though it may not be obvious or easy to find for some. Follow these basic steps on how to create a Google Plus Page for your blog or website.

Choosing the Best Category for a Blog’s Google Plus Page

Create a Google Plus Page for you blog or website, with these basic steps. The same basic steps would apply for setting up other categories of Google Plus Pages.

  1. Sign in to your Google Plus account, then go to “Pages”, and click the “Create New Page” button.
  2. Pick a Category: Under “Pick a Category”, select “Product or Brand”.create-a-google-plus-page-for-blog-website-step-1-product-or-brand
  3. Add Your Info: On the right side of the screen, enter your blog (or website) name and web address. Where it says “Select a Category”, choose the “Website” category. Then choose the appropriate setting for who the content is appropriate for. For most pages, the default setting of “Any Google+ User” should be fine.create-a-google-plus-page-for-blog-website-step-2-product-or-brandMark the checkbox to agree to the terms, then click the “Create” button.
  4. Profile Basics: Customize your page’s public profile with more details and a profile photo that represents your blog or website.create-a-google-plus-page-for-blog-website-step-3-profile-basics

That’s all. Now you can share, promote, and post content (links, photos, video) on your website’s Google Plus Page.

Features For Different Categories Of Google Plus Pages

Right now, a Google Plus Page under the “website” category, has the same features as almost any other category. So if you choose another category for your website’s Google Plus Page, there’s no difference in its “functionality and discoverability”.

So while it’s possible that having a different or correct category may matter more later on if new features are added, the category is currently not really important for most Google Plus Pages. From Google:

Don’t stress out about choosing the perfect category. Use the ‘Other’ category if none of the others seem to be a good fit. The core functionality and discoverability of a page isn’t affected by its category. Right now, only pages that use the Local business or Place category have different features.

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